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Better Bay Construction

We have the habit of spending our most memorable time each day in our kitchen. Cooking and eating food can be an act of love as well as sharing good memories. Research has shown that a good kitchen atmosphere can increase appetite and reduce texture issues that children might face. If you want to change the look and feel of your kitchen for the better, you can contact a remodeling company San Mateo and suggest to them some unique ideas from the list below!


Better Bay Construction

5 Ways to Recreate The Kitchen of Your Dreams on a Budget

Play with Proxemics

This is this study of Space. We can make a small and simple room look magnificent and expansive using certain design elements that give the illusion of vastness.

Of course, room addition Walnut Creek is a popular facility used by homeowners these days, but a study of proxemics can save you even more money!

It can include:

  • Installing matching siding and trim work.
  • Adding cohesive colour schemes and textures.
  • Using roofing materials and lines that enhance vertical spacing.
  • Creating seamless transitions and thresholds.
  • Matching exterior lighting and fixtures styles.

Invite Natural & Warm Lighting

In the long run, functional parts of the house like kitchens and bathrooms need natural lighting. This lighting is wired to keep our brains alert and our body systems working properly!

So, especially if you have children, you will find that natural and warm lighting is keeping them in a good mood and encouraging them to eat more than usual.

Natural lighting is also great if you want to facilitate communication at the dinner table or create intimate memories with your family members without an iota of stress or tension affecting anyone.

Multifunctional Furniture & Appliance Setup

These days no one indeed has enough space to properly fit in everything we need for a comfy life. But clever engineering can always expand these boundaries! If you are new to multifunctional setup, there are a few things you can look into and then convey to your room addition San Mateo professionals.

They include:

  • Choosing Foldable Tables with Storage Compartments
  • Installing a set of Convertible Chairs & Step Stool Designs
  • Looking into furniture designs that can hold Hidden Cabinet Appliances like a Toaster Oven
  • Vertically aligning Retractable Kitchen Islands with Wheels – they can also be wall-mounted
  • A Drop-leaf Kitchen Cart with Drawers is the best too!

Last Words

Your new kitchen will only last the test of time if it is made using durable materials. If you are on a budget, we suggest not compromising on the raw materials or the fee of a remodeling company Bay Area and in step making use of upcycling, repurposing and second-hand buying.  When we are talking about space and perception, affordable additions like lighting and object placement can go a long way, just like we discussed above.


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