Sliding vs Hinged Shower Door: Which is Right for You?

sliding vs hinged shower door

When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, one of the key decisions you’ll face is choosing between a Sliding vs. Hinged Shower Door. Both styles have their own unique benefits, and understanding the differences can help you make the right choice for your space. 

Choosing between a sliding and hinged shower door depends on your bathroom’s size and style preferences. If your bathroom is not so big and you like a modern style, go for a sliding door. They save space and look cool. But if you want a classic style and have a bigger bathroom, a hinged door is good. It can fit different sizes, looks timeless, and is easy to clean. 

Let’s check out more about shower doors (sliding vs hinged) to see what might work best for you.

What are Sliding Shower Doors?

Sliding shower doors, also called bypass shower doors, are doors that slide from one side to the other. They often have tracks at the bottom and on two vertical sides, but some modern designs are trackless or frameless.


Let’s get into the details of the benefits of sliding shower doors.

  • Perfect for Small Bathrooms:

Perfect for Small Bathrooms

Sliding doors are great for small bathrooms because they don’t swing open. This saves space, making them a smart choice for cozy bathrooms where every inch matters.

  • Seamless Aesthetic Look: Especially the frameless ones, sliding glass doors don’t block light and give your bathroom a smooth, unified appearance, even if the design is complex.
  • Functional Handles: These doors usually come with handles that can also be used as a towel rack. The handle usually goes along one side of the door.
  • Accessible from Both Sides: Sliding shower doors have two glass doors that slightly overlap and can slide or roll open. This means you can get to the tub or shower from both sides, making it convenient to turn on the water without stepping into the stall or tub.


Let’s get into the details of the cons of sliding shower doors.

  • Cleaning Challenges for Framed Doors: Sliding shower doors with frames can be hard to clean. The metal track at the bottom, where the rollers are, can collect soap, dirt, and rust. If you don’t clean it often, the doors might get stuck.
  • Limited Entry Space

Limited Entry Space

Since the doors slide or roll into each other, the space to get into the shower becomes limited. This means you might have less room to enter the shower enclosure comfortably.

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What are Hinged Shower Doors?

These regular design doors swing outward to open, and you can get them with or without frames. If you choose frameless hinged doors, they are installed by attaching two hinges on the side directly to your bathroom wall.

There are two shower door hinge types: pivot hinges, which allow for a smooth swing, and continuous hinges, which create a sleek, uninterrupted look.


Let’s get into the details of the benefits of hinged shower doors.

  • Easy to Clean and Take Care Of:

Easy to Clean and Take Care Of

Hinged doors don’t have tracks at the bottom like sliding doors do. This makes it simpler to clean and maintain these glass doors in your shower.

  • Wider Opening and Better Safety: Hinged doors open out at least 90 degrees, giving you a bigger entry space. You can also add extra side panels to make the openings even larger, making them safer, especially for people with mobility challenges.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Frameless hinged shower doors look great because they blend into the wall. They use minimal hardware like tracks, brackets, and hinges, creating a seamless look for your whole bathroom area.


Let’s get into the details of the cons of hinged shower doors.

  • Not Good for Small Bathrooms: Hinged doors swing outward when opened, needing more space in front. This can be a problem if your bathroom is small.
  • Water Spills Out: After a shower, when you open the door, water might spill out onto the bathroom floor. So, you’ll have to take some time to clean up the water after you’re done showering.

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Sliding vs. Hinged Shower Door: Which One is Better?

difference between Sliding and Hinged Shower Door- which one to select

If you’re thinking about redoing your bathroom, how big your bathroom is matters a lot when choosing between a hinged vs. sliding shower door. The cost depends on things like the type of glass, how thick it is, and whether you want a frame, semi-frame, or frameless option. Just think about what matches your style, what you need, and what fits well in your bathroom!

Contact a Pro

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Wrapping Up

So, to sum it up, when it comes to upgrading your bathroom, deciding between a Sliding vs. Hinged Shower Door is all about what you like and how your bathroom is set up. Think about the good and not-so-good things about each, look at how big your bathroom is, and pick the one that not only fits well but also makes your daily shower better. It’s all about finding the right match for you!


Are shower doors on track suitable for small bathrooms?

Yes, shower doors on track are often recommended for small bathrooms as they don’t require extra space for door clearance.

Can I install a single sliding bathroom door myself?

Installation can vary, but it’s generally recommended to have a professional install to ensure proper alignment and functionality.

What are double shower sliding doors?

Two sliding doors for the shower are made of glass and can move back and forth, letting you get into the shower from both sides.

How do I maintain sliding glass shower door rollers?

To keep the sliding glass shower door working well, it’s important to clean the door regularly and put some lubricant on it to prevent dirt buildup on the rollers.

What is the alternative to a shower door?

An alternative to a shower door is a shower curtain, providing a flexible and affordable option for enclosing the shower area. It’s easy to install and replace and comes in various designs.


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