Where to End Backsplash When Counter is Longer Than Cabinets

where to end backsplash when counter is longer than cabinets

In planning your kitchen, a big question pops up: “Where to End Backsplash When Counter is Longer Than Cabinets”?” It’s an important decision because we want our kitchen to look good and work well. The backsplash isn’t just there to protect the walls; it’s like a decoration that brings the kitchen together. Now, what if your counter goes past the cabinets? What do you do? 

Well, keep it simple. Either make the backsplash go all the way to the outer edge of your appliances for a balanced look or line it up with the cabinets for a classic style. This way, your kitchen will look neat and pleasing. 

Let’s check out some easy tips to help you figure it out.

Effective Tips on Where to End Backsplash When Counter is Longer Than Cabinets

Backsplash – it’s like a cool protector from kitchen messes and a fancy decoration for your kitchen. But what if your pretty countertop goes beyond the upper cabinets? 

So, how to end the backsplash? Let’s figure out what to do with this countertop puzzle or get some backsplash ideas for the kitchen.

Follow the Line of the Cabinets


A lot of people usually make the backsplash stop where the cabinets end. It is one of the best kitchen backsplash design ideas. This makes everything look neat and put together, highlighting the cabinets. It’s a classic option that looks good in many kitchens.

Extend to the Full Length of the Counter

If you want a more expansive and modern feel, consider extending the backsplash to cover the entire length of the counter, even if it goes beyond the cabinets. This creates a sense of continuity and can be particularly effective in larger kitchens.

End at the Outer Edge of Appliances

You can also make the backsplash stop at the outer edge of things like the fridge or stove. This makes everything look balanced, especially if you put your appliances on the counter in a smart way.

Coordinate with Design Elements

Take into account other design elements in your kitchen. If you have a stunning range hood or a prominent kitchen window, consider ending the backsplash in harmony with these features. This creates a visually pleasing composition.

where do you put backsplash in a kitchen

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Create a Focal Point

The backsplash can be like a spotlight in your kitchen. If you have a special island or a prep area that goes past the cabinets, you can make the backsplash stop there. This way, everyone’s attention goes to that spot, making it stand out.

Consider the Visual Flow

Step back and assess the visual flow of your kitchen. The goal is to achieve a balanced and harmonious look. Ending the backsplash at a natural breaking point, like the corner of a counter or the start of an appliance, can help maintain this visual balance.

Experiment with Tile Patterns

Get creative with your tile patterns. You can use different tile designs to demarcate the area where the backsplash ends. Transitioning from one pattern to another can create a visually appealing border.

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Extra Tip

Don’t forget the stove and sink! Backsplashes usually go behind them for protection. Think about using a different material or pattern behind the stove for easy cleaning and a cool look.

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Wrapping Up

So, in the end, figuring out “Where to End Backsplash When the Counter is Longer Than Cabinets” involves thoughtful consideration of design elements, personal preferences, and practicality. Whether aligning with cabinets for a classic look or extending to the outer edge of appliances for balance, the choice is ultimately yours. You can also play with patterns, emphasize focal points, or seek professional assistance for a seamless transformation.

Remember, your backsplash is an opportunity to infuse personality into your kitchen while maintaining functionality. So, embark on this design journey with confidence, and let your unique style shine through in every tile.


Do you know where to stop the backsplash behind the stove?

Stop the backsplash behind the stove at the outer edge for balance, or align it with the cabinets.

Do you know where to end the backsplash corner?

End the backsplash at the corner by aligning it with cabinets or creating a creative visual border.

How do I choose the right color scheme for a backsplash around the kitchen window?

Consider the kitchen’s overall color palette and choose complementary or contrasting tones for the backsplash.

Is a white backsplash in the kitchen suitable for any kitchen style?

Yes, white is versatile, complementing various styles from modern to traditional kitchens.

Should the backsplash go behind the range hood?

Yep, putting the backsplash behind the range hood makes the kitchen look nice and put together. It also protects and looks good behind the cooking space.

What material is best for a backsplash behind the range hood?

Opt for heat-resistant materials like stainless steel, tile, or tempered glass for durability.


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